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Thanks to your valuable feedback, the latest, improved version of our H360 Global Community website (4.0) is launching July 14, 2014. The update contains exciting new features that make navigating, searching, communicating and accessing H360 a lot easier and faster. There is a new smartphone app, enabling you to engage and share with our community from anyplace, anytime. We've added a new language selection preference, so you can choose from 11 different languages to apply to all of the H360 navigation menus. You can now "follow" your fellow Team Members, similar to how following works on Twitter and Instagram. Search and personalization is streamlined, faster and more effective. Profiles, directory, groups and video display have all been enhanced and overall performance increased. Watch the tutorial video and download the Quick Start guide for a tour and details.

It was only 3 years ago this month that the H360 Global Community website was first launched - and what an amazing journey it has been! Read more ↓

Today, our multiple award-winning H360 Global Community powers an extraordinarily successful Hilton Blue Energy culture. Over 56,000 online community members from 6,745 cities in 153 countries have shared hundreds of thousands of stories, comments, photos and videos about their great ideas, their team's successes, the amazing ways they have touched the hearts of Guests and about the work they do to support their local communities. It paints an incredible picture of a rich, living culture of individuals drawn together from across the globe to ignite the spirit of Blue Energy everyday – sharing how we live our values, deliver our promise and celebrate our stories. To connect with each other, and leaders around the world - creating a shared vision for success.

In 2012 a video was produced about the excitement and success generated by you, the H360 Community (click here to view). The video script ends with these words:
The contagious excitement of Blue Energy is unstoppable. And the H360 Global Community is more than a website – it's an inspirational portal, a front door wide open, motivating tens of thousands to live our values, deliver our promise and celebrate our stories; living Blue Energy everyday, distinguishing our brand in the eyes of our Guests; driving improved performance; building Hilton's future together. You can feel it happening, in real time, on the H360 website. One culture in every Hilton around the world, celebrating the energy of the Hilton brand, becoming one, filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.


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